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Royalty Free Music for your production

The royalty free music you find on this website has been composed for use in productions made for television, radio, film, theatre, multimedia, games, podcasts, web streaming or any other production where music will be synchronised with other audio and/or visual images.

By paying a one-off fee you will be granted a non-exclusive licence to use a piece of royalty free music in your productions.This method of licensing is considerably cheaper than using commercially-released music or conventional music library tracks. Learn more by reading our royalty free music explained page. Also read our music licence details page.

Our library of high quality royalty free music is written by talented composers who retain the copyright in their music.  The money paid to us for licences is split 50/50 with the composer.

The music2license site offers a straightforward way to license royalty free music for your productions.

Friendly Personal Service

At Music2license we understand that you may not have the time to sort through long search result lists of royalty free music tracks so we offer to find music for you. Just email a brief description of the type of feel and genre of music that you are looking for and we will send you a short list of suitable tracks for your consideration.

If you would like to try a track in your production before you purchase a licence, you can download a preview track from a main track page. This track will contain the music2license "watermark" but will give you an idea if the track is suitable for your production. 

Hand Picked Tracks

All the royalty free music tracks found on this site have been hand picked and checked for both composition and audio quality by the Music2license team.

Some royalty free music websites allow composers to upload their own music without it first being quality checked, which results in high volumes of music to trawl though with a fairly low quality threshold. You can rest assured that when you perform a royalty free music search with Music2license you will be presented with a list of high quality tracks that are relevant to your search criteria and the list won’t take you hours to browse and listen to.

To make choosing suitable royalty free music for your production easier and quicker, each track has its own brief description and, if you click on a track’s “details” button, you will also see a list of key words relating to the feel of the piece and a list of possible uses. Some tracks will also have several different versions which you can browse and play from the details page.

Is royalty free music copyright free?

Some companies refer to royalty free music as "copyright free music". This is a misleading title as the music is usually not "copyright free". When a composer writes an original musical work they create copyright in that work which they own, unless they sign the copyright over to a publisher.

If a composer chooses to license their music out on a non-exclusive royalty free basis it does not mean they relinquish the copyright in their work and they can still be paid royalties for the public performance of their work. These are royalties that are generated when music, or a production containing the music, is played to a public audience (eg broadcast on television or radio or played in a cinema or theatre, etc). These royalties are funded from the broadcaster's or end user's licence fee that is paid to the relevant performing rights organisation and does not present the production with any additional costs. The performing rights organisation will distribute these royalties to the composer or copyright owner.

Learn more about royalty free music on our royalty free music explained page.