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Quick and easy royalty free music licensing.

The royalty free music you find on this website has been composed for use in productions made for television, radio, film, theatre, multimedia, games, podcasts, web streaming or any other production where music will be synchronised with other audio and/or visual images.

By paying a one-off fee you will be granted a non-exclusive licence to use a piece of royalty free music in your productions. This royalty free method of licensing is considerably cheaper than using commercially-released music or conventional music library tracks. Learn more by reading our royalty free music explained page. Also read our music licence details page.

Royalty Free Music Creator?

Earn money from licensing your music.

If you are a composer and would like to add your royalty free music to the music2license site for licensing then please register by following the link below. Once registered, you can upload royalty free music tracks that you would like to offer for licensing through the site.

Music2license is a non-exclusive library so you will retain the copyright in your royalty free music. We take 50% of the licence fee and do not take any performance royalties. If your royalty free music is broadcast publicly as a result of a license sold by music2license, we do not take a share of any performance royalties generated. We do not assist in the collection of these royalties and urge all composers to register their music with their local performance rights organisation.